Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

August 2015

Regular 7pm Meeting, August 12th:

Please contribute to next month's annual American Liver Foundation Liver Life Walk with our "Liver Lifers" walk team on September 20, 2015, either by joining us with physical participation in the walk or by donating; click on the link at left and click on the Liver Lifers link therein. The morning of our meeting, we are working with the state Dept. of Health, Hepatitis Coordinator to improve partnering and will update members on advancements in those activities. We will hold roundtable discussions on related topics attendees desire.

Future meetings:
  • September 9, 2015 meeting: Dr. Wu will speak to the group on Currently available treatment for HCV. This month, we plan to open our annual nominations for 2016 Facilitator(s) December 2015 vote.
  • October 15, 2015 meeting: Preparing for the fall and Halloween, we will discuss the health impact of the foods and sweets we eat. We will continue taking nominations for 2016 Facilitator(s) and discuss how we want the group to proceed going forward in these times of successful standard-of-care treatments.
  • November 11, 2015 meeting: UConn health center librarian has agreed to speak to our group about health literacy, especially how to find reliable information on the Internet; join us to see how UCHC resources are available for the public. Also, since the holidays will be upon us, and in the spirit of healthy living, especially having HCV, we will expand last month's discussions about what we eat with how we exercise. Also, 2016 Facilitator(s) nominations continue.
  • At the December 9, 2012 regular meeting, our annual facilitator(s) vote for the 2016 term will be held, followed by the bringing-in of the holidays.

Prospects for future meetings:
A transplant surgeon, attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and treatment experiences are some of the ideas on the table.

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