Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

May 2015

Regular 7pm Meeting, May 13th:

Come to our monthly meeting where, this month, we will discuss National Hepatitis Awareness month and Hepatitis Testing Day and see how you can join us in advocacy activities. Plans are being finalized for LiverFest, our annual picnic for support groups in Connecticut. Eastern CT Hepatitis Outreach will be meeting on the 27th from 5-7pm at St. Paul's Church on Valley Street in Willimantic, CT.

Future meetings:
  • On June 10, 2015 we will be holding a roundtable discussion about the latest medications and their status. We are working with the state Dept. of Health, Hepatitis Coordinator to improve partnering and may be able to report some advancements in those activities.
  • On July 8, 2015 we will be recruiting for participation in the annual American Liver Foundation Liver Life Walk with our walk team, Liver Lifers.
  • August 12, 2015 meeting: Review fundraising efforts for the 2015 Liver Life Walk team, Liver Lifers. We will hold open roundtable discussions on related topics attendees desire.
  • September 9, 2015 meeting: Dr. Wu will speak to the group. We open our annual nominations for 2016 Facilitator(s) December 2015 vote and discuss how we want the group to proceed going forward in these times of successful standard-of-care treatments.

Prospects for future meetings:
A transplant surgeon, attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and treatment experiences are some of the ideas on the table.

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