Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

September 2014

Regular 7pm Meeting, September 10th:
  • This month we will be holding a roundtable discussion; bring your questions and the facilitators will get you answers.
  • On Sunday morning, August 21, 2014 we are joining the American Liver Foundation Liver Life Walk Hartford 2014 with our walk team, Liver Lifers. Please support those walking by contributing to this worthy cause; we would also appreciate if you choose to join us in walking the 5K around Rentschler Field and participating the festivities.
  • Future meetings: Next Month, on October 8, 2014, Dr. George Wu will be presenting "Update on HCV" to attendees; plan on attending to hear all the recent and upcoming changes in the treatment of Hepatitis C.

    A transplant surgeon, attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and treatment experiences are some of the ideas on the table.

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    2014 Liver Life Walk

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