Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

January 2014

Regular 7pm Meeting, January 8th:

Join us in celebrating our 2014 Facilitators, Marty, Adrian and Kim, all voted in at the last regular meeting. We have met separately in 2014 already to make plans for 2014 CCHCgroup meetings and are in discussions to have the first of the four 'standard of care' treatment regiment manufacturers to speak at our regular public meeting. The January meeting we will be presenting HCV-101, back to basics discussions about what hepatitis is, the types, terminology, myths and facts about hepatitis.

Future 2014 meetings: Next month we have requested one of the four 'standard of care' manufacturers to speak to our Hepatitis C support group meetings. Once confirmed, plan on visiting us to find out if this manufacturer is for you.

Prospects for other 2014 meetings:
Transplant surgeon, attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and treatment experiences are some of the ideas on the table.

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2014 Facilitators Update

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Co-Facilitator Contacts
Name: Marty (860-628-9750) or Adrian
Email: adrian@cchcgroup.org