Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

December 2011

Regular 7pm Meeting, December 14, 2011:

After a brief 2012 facilitator(s) vote and discussion about plans for 2012, we will have small holiday celebration and activities. Should you have any HCV related questions, bring them to discuss privately or with group.

Future 6 months of 2012 Meetings
  • January 11: HCV 101 outlines the basics of HCV in laymen's terms.
  • February 8: For your valentine, discuss ways to improve health and well being and live a longer life with more energy and vitality for those you love.
  • March 14: For National Nutrition Month, information about healthy living will be presented.
  • April 11: Join us to learn ways to reduce stress this tax season.
  • May 9: Hepatitis Awareness Month activities TBA.
  • June 13: Finalize plans for annual Support Group LiverFest.
Prospects for 2012 meetings:
Attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and treatment experiences are some of the ideas on the table.

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