Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

October 2011

Regular 7pm Meeting, October 12, 2011:

Dr. George Y. Wu will discuss Protease Inhibitors for the treatment of HCV: A quantum leap forward, but with a price. 2012 Facilitator nominations will open.

Future 6 months of 2010-2011 Meetings
  • November 9: Being 2 days before Veterans Day, specific HCV issues related to veteran's will be reviewed.
  • December 14: Holiday celebration follows 2012 facilitator vote and outline of 2012 plans.
  • January 11: HCV 101 outlines the basics of HCV in laymen's terms.
  • February 8: For your valentine, discuss ways to improve health and well being and live a longer life with more energy and vitality for those you love.
  • March 14: For National Nutrition Month, information about healthy living will be presented.
  • April 11: Join us to learn ways to reduce stress this tax season.
Prospects for 2012 meetings:
Attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and treatment experiences are some of the ideas on the table.

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Dr. Wu & Marcy Coash July Article

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