Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

December 2008

Frankly Speaking Series:

Our Frankly Speaking discussion series from members, associates and friends was a great success and we appreciate the 2008 Contribution from Storrs Steve, describing personal virus progression, treatments, profound personal and family impact from realization to contemporarily unsuccessful searches for mitigation. We look forward to other member contributions in 2009.
Regular 7pm Meeting on December 10th:

The December 10th regular meeting will, following a brief facilitator vote, celebrate those that cleared the hepatitis C virus as partake in our Annual Holiday celebration where we plan LIVERing it up. Join us for a new twist on holiday festivities.
Future 2009 Meetings

We have a couple of requests for topics for 2009 and are verifying speakers for these. Also, we are requestiing ideas to improve turn-out at those limited meetings where professional speakers are so kind as to voluntarily present to us on the applicable topic of our desires. We are looking for member suggestions for not only additional topics, but activities that will boost attendance.
Prospects for additional meetings:

A Naturopathic Doctor, Connecticut Attorneys, psychiatry professional, massage therapy education and experience, a medical presentation on HIV/HCV co-infection issues and a relaxational meeting, especially targeting Relapsers and Non-Responders (RNR) using alternative therapies are some of the ideas on the table.

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