Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

February 2008

Confidential public hepatitis C Connecticut support group for diagnosed, family, friends, interested individuals and those with other liver maladies. Regular meetings are held on second Wednesdays from 7-9pm at UConn Health Center, Research Building, Room EG103.

Anonymously visit to experience periodic educational segments (with professional speakers from various fields), to talk to those afflicted (some considering treatment, some on treatment, and some finished treatment) and family/ friends/ supporters or to just hear what these diseases are all about.
Regular Meeting on February 13th:

A pre-Valentine's Day open forum 'round-table' style meeting where applications to attend 'Liver Update' will be available and discussions about the break out sessions particularly interesting this year. Also, besides answering attendee inquiries, we plan to review current liver health awareness events with other similar patients, families, supporters and others with similar interests.
Prospect for 2008 Meetings

Dr. Wu, A Naturopathic Doctor, Connecticut Attorneys, psychiatry professional, a medical presentation on HIV/HCV co-infection issues and a relaxational meeting, especially targeting Relapsers and Non-Responders (RNR) using alternative therapies.


This Month's Links:
January 9th Minutes
February 13th Agenda

2008 ALF-WI Newsletter

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Co-Facilitator Contacts
Name: Marty (860-628-9750) or Adrian
Email: chcgroup@sbcglobal.net