Central CT Hepatitis Community

January 2008

Regular Meeting on January 9th:
Happy New Year.

We begin this year with an initial open forum 'round-table' style meeting where we will map out the schedule for the year, including desired speakers, RNR Nite, special meetings and growth plans. As always, attendees may ask questions of members in a confidential setting.
Prospects for 2008 meetings:

Dr. Wu, A Naturopathic Doctor, Connecticut Attorneys, psychiatry professional, a medical presentation on HIV/HCV co-infection issues and a relaxational meeting, especially targeting Relapsers and Non-Responders (RNR) using alternative therapies.


CHCgroup encourages screening
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December 12th Minutes
January 9, 2008 Agenda
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Co-Facilitator Contacts
Name: Marty (860-628-9750) or Adrian
Email: chcgroup@sbcglobal.net