CHCgroup Minutes

November 11, 2007


Marty, Adrian, Wayne, Helen and Al.


A roundtable style meeting was held and attendees discussed contemporary information, including the importance of members getting the flu shot if not allergic to eggs. Attendees received non-medical member answers to inquiries related to disease and treatment symptoms and patient remedies. Nomination forms for 2008 facilitator/coordinator position were available.

Members and guests were assured that personal information given at the meetings, including contact information, is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and would not be sent to outside sources beyond the co-facilitators, unless specifically requested.

Members discussed personal experiences and speakers resolved non-medical questions that were raised, noting should medical questions arise, they would be forwarded to the medical advisor for reply.

It was noted that December 12th would be the annual Holiday party where we plan LIVERing it up with attendees.

Attendees were asked to think of what speaking topics would interest members in 2008. It was noted that while dwindling attendence may be attributed to the traditional winter distractions, the 2008 monthly meeting considerations to varying locations in the State may be a short-term solution to the limited participation in Farmington, but would be reviewed further in January.


Ballots for 2008 Co-Facilitator/Moderator will remain open until the beginning of the December meeting.

The next regular meeting will be round table discussions and annual Holiday party on Wednesday, December 12, 2007. Feel free to bring a snack or treat for yourselves and for sharing with one other member.