Regular Meeting A G E N D A

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


  1. Introduce 2007 Facilitators, Marty and Adrian.
  2. Emphatically assure attendees that personal information given at the meetings is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and the details of attendees private information would stay with the facilitators for the purposes of contacting them or returning their telephone calls/correspondence related to group and/or personal issues only.


  1. This month continues our group roundtable, informal, confidential open forum discussions. Information will be available and discussed about liver health topics, presented somewhat informally.
  2. Balloting remains open and Nominee Forms for the December election to vote for a renewable one year facilitator/coordinator term will be available.
  3. The prospects for meetings in 2008 will be reviewed.


  1. Knowledge about hepatitis continues to evolve, considering less than two decades ago we only knew about hepatitis A, hepatitis B and Non A - Non B hepatitis.
  2. Discuss the projected schedule.
  3. In addition to the regular meetings, in 2008 Adrian would like if members would join coordinators in traveling to various Connecticut groups, meetings, activities and other individualized personally healthy experiences, such as possibly joining fellow members at statewide gymnasiums, walks, other sporting activities, etc. For more information, speak to Adrian or watch for website links.
  4. For example, Marty and Adrian will be visiting the Liver Disease Support Group in Connecticut to hear Michael Schilsky, MD, the Medical Director for Liver Transplant at Yale University School of Medicine join Cheryl Edwards.Cheryl Edwards RN, MSN, CTTC of the New England Organ Bank speak on Saturday, November 17, 2007 about "Steps in Organ Donation" in North Haven. We are leaving promptly at 8:30am from UConn Health Center should you wish to car pool or if you need a ride.
  5. Please talk to Adrian or Marty about activities that you would like to see and/or participate in this coming year.
  6. This is one of the last chances to let Marty or Adrian know what topics would interest you in 2008 so speakers may be lined up.