Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

December 2007

Regular Meeting on December 12th:

This month we will be holding our annual Holiday Social (where we plan LIVERing it up so join our "newbie" and more "experienced" members in holiday festivities) after brief facilitator vote. We are continuing our open forum 'round-table' style meetings where attendees may ask questions of members in a confidential setting. We wish you and all your family very happy holidays and trust the new year will bring great health and prosperity for all.

For 2008, due to the importance we place on screening for HCV before irreparable liver damage develops, clicking on the web page image will bring visitors to an FDA approved home test kit, supported by the American Liver Foundation, for anonymous results at a minimal cost (last time reviewed at $59.95).

Prospects for 2007-2008 meetings:

A Naturopathic Doctor, Connecticut Attorneys, psychiatry professional, a medical presentation on HIV/HCV co-infection issues and a relaxational meeting using alternative therapies.


This Month's Links:
November 14th Minutes
December 12th Agenda

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