CHCgroup Minutes

September 12, 2007


Marty, Adrian, Bob, Rick, Katherine, Richard, Ellen, Chris, Paul, Karen, and speaker George Y. Wu, MD, Ph.D.


Following resolve of some initial member concerns, pleasantly articulate speaker of the evening, George Y. Wu, MD, Ph.D. was introduced. Dr. Wu proceeded with his September 2007 presentation to the group on Hepatitis C Virus(HCV), elequently familiarized members on the basic genetics of hepatitis, HCV. Following the cursory familiarization of the virus differencs, Dr. Wu proceeded to educate the attendees about the governmental procedures required for Clinical Trials, from "Pre-Clinical" through Phase IV (large patient trials for indications beyond efficacy and safety). Then Dr. Wu continued into a sampling of the various trials progressing on their fast tracks, some of which were suspended or terminated due to poor results or unacceptable side effects.

Later, members and guests were assured that personal information given at the meetings, including contact information, is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and would not be sent to outside sources beyond the co-facilitators, unless specifically requested.


CHCgroup thanks Dr. George Wu for his very informative presentation as well as continuing to give the group a 'heads-up' on new treatments and trials, sometimes prior to official release.

The next regular meeting will be round table discussions on Wednesday, October 9, 2007.

Finally, please join CHCgroup in raising funds for the American Liver Foundation Football Walk for Liver Wellness being held the morning of Sunday, September 23, 2007 in East Hartford. Visit the group web page for more information as the event gets closer.