Regular Meeting A G E N D A

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A. Introductions

  1. Introduce 2006 Facilitators and medical advisor.
  2. Emphatically assure attendees that personal information given at the meetings is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and the details of attendees private information would stay with the facilitators for the purposes of contacting them or returning their telephone calls/correspondence related to group and/or personal issues only.
  3. Briefly review the agenda for the regular meeting tonight:
    - Introductions.
    - Our third 2006 roundtable open forum discussion.
    - LiverFest '06 planning and preparation finalziation.
    - July 2005 began the first edition of the CHCgroup web page and has been continually updated the page every month, expanding the pages to include links to other Connecticut Liver Disease Support Group Web pages. In celebration, later this month we will roll out the first edition of our new newsletter, C in CT.
  4. Dr. Manish Thapar has been asked by Dr. Wu to serve as medical advisor for CHCgroup.

B. Round Table Open Forum Discussions

  1. Open forum discussions gives new members more of an opportunity to benefit from the experiences of longer time members.
  2. Volunteers are needed to finalize LiverFest 2006 invitations, organization, setup, discussion agenda, cleanup and followup reports and appreciation recognition.
  3. With the finale' of the HCV group in Wallingford, Farmington, Sharon, and the West Haven VNA are the only monthly ALF acknowledged groups still viable in Connecticut.

C. Conclusion

  1. The third summer of 2006 open-forum meetings will have hopefully more thoroughly addressed concerns new members have raised.
  2. The next 2006 summer regular meeting on August 9th will be the fourth and final round table open-fourm discussion meeting.
  3. In September, on Sunday the tenth, ALF will be holding the second Annual 5K Football Walk for Liver Wellness (formerly LiverWalk) at Rentschler Field (Home of the UConn Huskies) in East Hartford; last year, Team UCONN raised over $1000.00 for ALF. Later that week, on Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Dr. George Wu will be updating the group about hepatitis B virus(HBV).
  4. In October of 2006, nominations for Facilitator/Coordinator for 2007 will be opened; submit your nominations for facilitator and coordinator prior to commencement of the December 2006 regular meeting when the election will be held. Duties of the Facilitator and Coordinator will be posted on the web page prior to the opening of nominations.
  5. Besides an expert speaker, November 2006 regular meeting regular meeting will continue to take nominations for Facilitator/Coordinator. There should be an executive session after the group discussions portion for Organizational Discussions as well as reviewing the nuts and bolts about the annual Facilitator(s) election.
  6. December meeting will once again hold the annual Support Group Holiday Party; let Marty and Adrian know what favorite recipe you plan to bring to share with other members who are also bringing their favorites. Facilitator 2007 elections will also be held.