Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

July 2006

Regular Meeting on July 12:

CHCgroup will hold its third round table open-forum meeting of 2006, where new members have the opportunity to learn more about their disease from members who have been with us for a while, experienced many symptoms and remedies that worked for them. July of 2006 is also the first anniversary of our web page, offering up to date information of upcoming and past meetings, allowing members to plan their attendance and those of their guests, as well as to use as a resource of links. In celebration, we will be rolling out the first edition of C in CT, our new newsletter; keep an eye out for the link activation. This is also the last open forum venue to decide details about the annual picnic, LiverFest 2006 in August; if unable to attend the July meeting, call or email your ideas, concerns and comments to review at the meeting and in making decisions about the details.

Future Meetings

August will our final summer roundtable open-forum discussion; invite others you know that may be afflicted by a liver disease or invite friends/family who may have questions for the group, where caregivers and family members may give insight to what they have done and continue to do to support patients. The Support Groups' Annual LiverFest '06 Summer Picnic will also be held in August.

September 13, 2006 Dr. George Wu will be giving the group an "update on HBV"; bring your research and medical inquiries for this very informative and thoroughly enjoyable speaker and important topic. The 10th will be the 2nd annual Football Walk for Liver Wellness at Rentschler Field; see the link at left.

October 11, 2006 meeting will include the addition of any nominees on a ballot for December vote for a renewable two year facilitator term.

November 8, 2006 meeting will also include addition of nominees on ballots.

Without prior nominations, the December 13, 2006 meeting will commence with a brief vote of affirmation for Marty and Adrian as Co-Facilitators, unless there are other prior nominees on the ballot, at which point there will be a vote for the two year facilitator renewable term.
Prospects for 2007 meetings:

A Naturopathic Doctor, a Massage Therapist, Connecticut Attorneys, psychiatry professional, a medical presentation on HIV/HCV co-infection issues and Irene O'Brien, L.C.S.W. (former Wallingford VNA Facilitator for HCV group there.


This Month's Links:
June 14th Minutes
July 12th Agenda

2006 Football Walk for Liver Wellness

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