Regular Meeting A G E N D A

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A. Introductions

  1. Introduce 2006 Facilitators and medical advisor.
  2. Emphatically assure attendees that personal information given at the meetings is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and the details of attendees private information would stay with the facilitators for the purposes of contacting them or returning their telephone calls/correspondence related to group and/or personal issues only.
  3. Briefly review the agenda for the regular meeting tonight:
    - Introductions.
    - Our second 2006 roundtable open forum discussion.
    - Summer is on the doorstep and finalization of LiverFest '06 planning and preparation is needed to be a success.
  4. Dr. Manish Thapar has been asked by Dr. Wu to serve as medical advisor for CHCgroup.

B. Round Table Open Forum Discussions

  1. Open forum discussions gives new members more of an opportunity to benefit from the experiences of longer time members.
  2. Volunteers for LiverFest '06 tasks are requested; please help CHCgroup by agreeing to handle a little piece of the event preparation to again be a success this year.
  3. Next week will be the FINAL MEETING of Wallingford VNA Hepatitis C support group for a while. Please call Irene O'Brien at 203-269-1475 or E-mail at to reserve a place for the finale' meeting.

C. Conclusion

  1. The second of three summer of 2006 open-forum meetings will have hopefully more thoroughly addressed concerns new members have raised.
  2. Discuss remaining 2006 meetings and speakers and begin considering the agenda for 2007.
  3. The next 2006 summer regular meeting will be the third group round table discussion and on September 13, 2006, Dr. George Wu will be updating the group about HBV.