Hepatitis Awareness Month

Central Connecticut Hepatits Community


CT. Dept. of Public Health
American Liver Foundation
CDC Hepatitis C initiative
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Confidential public hepatitis C Connecticut support group for diagnosed, family, friends, interested individuals and those with other liver maladies. Regular meetings are held on second Wednesdays from 7-9pm at UConn Health Center (Research Building, Room EG013), 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, Connecticut.
March across America
Indiana Hep C Challenge
Indiana HCV Coordinator Proactivity
Hepatitis C Missouri
You may:
Anonymously visit to experience periodic educational segments (with professional speakers from various fields), to talk to those afflicted (some considering treatment, some on treatment, and some finished treatment) and family/ friends/ supporters or to just hear what these diseases are all about.
AutoImune Hepatitis
Nat'l Hep. Elimination Strategy
May 10, 2006 meeting
Group Calendar
HCV: Are You A Silent Carrier?
Join us signing US Proclamation request
HCV Outreach Project