Regular Meeting A G E N D A

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A. Introductions

  1. Introduce 2006 Facilitators & Medical Advisor Contact.
  2. Emphatically assure attendees that personal information given at the meetings is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and the details of attendees private information would stay with the facilitators for the purposes of contacting them or returning their telephone calls/correspondence related to group and/or personal issues only.
  3. Briefly review the agenda for the regular meeting tonight:
    - Introductions.
    - Our first 2006 roundtable open forum discussion.
    - Sharon Dellinger, APRN will answer questions and discuss her meeting in November.
    - May is International Hepatitis Awareness month and events across the country may be of interest to members.
    - Summer is coming upon us and the annual LiverFest '06 requires planning and preparation to be a success.

B. Round Table Open Forum Discussions

  1. May is Hepatitis Awareness Month in the USA and throughout the world.
  2. We look forward to be accompanied by Sharon Dellinger, APRN of Dr. Polio's office in Hartford. At the Wallingford's January meeting, Nurse Dellinger discussed "New directions for Treatment of Hep C Update From the International Conference on Liver Disease" she attended in November.
  3. LiverFest '06 has not been decided; an appreciable amount of planning and preparation has been provided by Adrian in the past and to be a success this year, a lot of work needs to be performed.

C. Conclusion

  1. May is Hepatitis Awareness Month. Followup the group pages for additional information throughtout the month.
  2. Discuss remaining 2006 meetings and speakers and begin considering the agenda for 2007.
  3. The next several summer regular meetings will be group round table discussions and on September 13, 2006, Dr. George Wu will be updating the group about HBV.