Central Connecticut Hepatitis Community

Confidential public hepatitis C Connecticut support group for diagnosed, family, friends, interested individuals and those with other liver maladies. Regular meetings are held on second Wednesdays from 7-9pm at UConn Health Center (Research Building, Room EG103), 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, Connecticut.

Anonymously visit to experience periodic educational segments (with professional speakers from various fields), to talk to those afflicted (some considering treatment, some on treatment, and some finished treatment) and family/ friends/ supporters or to just hear what these diseases are all about.

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Regular Meeting on December 14th:

At the beginning of the meeting, by 7:15pm, will be your last chance to nominate your candidate to be facilitator for 1 year (January 1 through December 31) renewable terms. Nominations must be accompanied by candidate acceptance (presence required) of the nomination and the reliable performance of the duties involved. All current and past members and those who have ever attended are urged to attend the December meeting.

Dr. George Wu will then speak on new classes of drugs in the pipeline, and Dr. Raina will discuss new trials at UCONN. Refreshments courtesy of the American Liver Foundation.

Following educational discussion, we will briefly hold the first annual election of facilitator one year renewable term. Each candidate could say a few words about what his/her plans are and then the entire group will vote in a closed ballot election.

After elections will be the annual HOLIDAY PARTY; bring your favorite recipe, have a taste of other members' creations and join us for comradery and conversational cheer.