2014 CCHCgroup Facilitators

At the annual December 2013 regular meeting of the University of Connecticut Health Center Hepatitis C Support Group (CCHCgroup.org), based upon nominations presented, the annual Facilitator vote was held for the 2014 calendar year with the following results. The position of Facilitator for 2014 is being shared by not only the long time co-facilitators Marty T. and Adrian M., but this year being joined by Kim C.

The Hepatitis C Support Group monthly meetings are structured to provide emotional support and educational resources for coping with Hepatitis C in a confidential environment. The meetings alternate between having speakers who discuss issues of concern from members, as well as holding open discussion. Guest speakers have included nurse practitioners, psychotherapists, naturopathic and alternative medicine practitioners, and doctors of various disciplines. These speakers present information, answer questions, and often distribute printed material. Open discussion meetings allow opportunity for candid sharing. Group coordinators maintain a resource table of medical information, referrals to trusted specialists, magazines, newsletters, and materials from recent speakers.

Besides running the public, confidential monthly meetings, the group coordinators offer individual counseling and support, especially for the initially diagnosed patient, to counter the social stigma of the disease and the lack of general public knowledge. Leaders assist participants with general educational information, guidance about applicable financial issues, coping with veteranís problems, disabilities, and health insurance.

Regular meetings are held on second Wednesdays of every month from 7-9pm at UConn Health Center (Academic Research Building, Small Conference Room EG052), 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, Connecticut.

Inquiries may be made by calling Marty at 860-628-9750 or email Adrian at Adrian@cchcgroup.org to get a written reply.