June, 2008 article submitted by: Storrs Steve, member.

††††††††††† Having hepatitis C virus, as with any invisible illness, means that your life as you once knew it is changed.† Just because you canít see those changes doesnít mean they are not there and felt by us.


††††††††††† Most people donít understand hepatitis C and cannot imagine what living with a chronic illness means.† With the hope that there are some who wish to understand, these are some of the things Iíd like you to know about us.


††††††††††† Please understand that being sick doesnít mean we are not still human with all the same emotions that healthy people experience.† Some of us must spend our time carefully so that we conserve what little energy we possess.† If you visit, we may not be much fun, but we still love and appreciate company.† Some of us worry about our jobs, schooling and families.† Most of the time weíd like to hear what is going on in your life as well as sharing our lives.


††††††††††† Please understand that one can be happy but not healthy.† When you have the flu you feel fairly miserable, but weíve been ill for years.† So when you speak with us and we sound happy, it means we are happy.† Thatís all.† It doesnít mean that we are not sick, in pain and extremely fatigued, or that a miracle cure has been found and we are all healthy once again.† Please donít say ďOh, youíre sounding better!Ē† We are not sounding better, we are sounding happy.† Feel free to remark about our happiness.† Just donít assume that it means we are better.


††††††††††† Please understand that being able to stand up and participate in an activity for 15 or 20 minutes, doesnít necessarily mean that we can participate for 30 minutes or an hour.† Itís quite likely that doing those 15 minutes has exhausted our resources and we may need time to recover.† Remember the last time you played a swift game of tennis or softball?† You couldnít repeat that feat over and over again.† This applies to everything that we do.


††††††††††† Please also understand that chronic illness is variable.† Itís quite possible that one day we are able to walk to the park, or shop in the mall, while the next day we may have no energy at all.† Please donít say ďBut you did it yesterday.Ē† If you want us to do something, just ask and we will tell you if we are able.† If it is necessary to cancel an appointment with you at the last moment, please donít take it personally.† There are days when we feel great and all of a sudden that changes and the fatigue is overwhelming.


††††††††††† Please donít ask us how we got this disease.† There are many ways to acquire hepatitis C.† Some of us were born with hemophilia and needed to use blood products to stay alive.† Some of us were given blood transfusions before 1992.† Some of us are veterans who fought proudly for our country and some of us are dialysis patients as well.† Many of us have no risk factors at all and do not know how we got hepatitis C.† If we wish to share with you our medical history, we will.† Please donít be afraid to hug us, kiss us or hold us.† You cannot ďcatchĒ hepatitis C from us, unless there is a mixing of our blood with yours.


††††††††††† Please understand if we tell you that we have to sit down, lie down or take our meds, that we have to do it now.† Chronic illness doesnít wait for a convenient time.† It does not feel good to have to stop what we are doing to tend to our health.† Remember that we didnít ask for this.† We mourn for our lives before illness, when we were free to pursue all our dreams and hopes.† We hope you understand.†

Last Updated: June 26, 2008