CHCgroup is fortunate to have members contribute their private experiences at confidential monthly meetings to the group and some, in this FRANKLY SPEAKING series of personal articles, share their stories and adventures more publically, helping others to understand that their own stories may not be different than those of our members.

In 2008, Storrs Steve presented several articles characterized as "My Stories", and Storrs Steve lets us know he is "sticking to them." For 2009, Miami Rick has agreed to give the group installments in the FRANKLY SPEAKING series too, and we look forward to insight into the adventures of one liver transplant recipient.

Miami Rick Adventures


Storrs Steve "My Stories"

The Paperwork Shuffle, November 2008 The Next Few Years, October 2008 Treatment and Results, September 2008
Diagnosis To Treatment, August 2008 The Letter, July 2008 Having Hep C Letter, June 2008

Last Updated: April 4, 2011